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About Us


From sketch to store, Dinny is personally involved in every one of her pieces. It's this hands-on approach that has made Dinny Hall a recognisable jewellery name around the world, synonymous with British style and quality.

Our Story

A Modern British jewellery brand with 30 years heritage, Dinny Hall is the creative force behind her eponymous line. Dinny came to prominence when her entire Central Saint Martin's College of Art and Design graduation collection was bought by luxury department store Liberty, London. A year later, in 1985, the brand was founded and was an instant success with its experimental pieces made from unique natural materials such as leather and wood. The subsequent years have seen Dinny Hall's jewellery continue to adapt with trends while maintaining the same quality and flair that brought her success originally.  

Dinny Hall's Design

From concept to creation, Dinny celebrates the craft of jeweller-making. Her distinct desgins have made the brand a name in the fashion world and her attention to detail has made the pieces must-have luxury items for the modern woman. Her eclectic range of inspirations - from 20th-century furniture to the onion domes of a Russian orthodox church - inform her timeless, feminine and beautiful designs, which have garnered a loyal following worldwide. These clients appreciate not only the high quality of Dinny's work, but also that it is eminently wearable and can be easily adapted to suit today's highly varied day-to-night lifestyle. Created by Dinny and her team in the Notting Hill studio in London, Dinny is famous for her imaginative use of luxury Sterling Silver, 22k Gold Vermeil, solid 10k, 14k, and 18k gold and many coloured gemstones...

Dinny Hall's Craftsmanship

Dinny Hall jewellery is skillfully crafted to maximise comfort and style. Dinny and her team oversee the entire production process, from hand-drawing the designs to creating wax models used to make the jewellery masters, to hand selecting every gemstone. The pieces are created using the tools and techniques that craftsmen have used for centuries along with some of the latest comptuer technology to make original masters that are then formed into finished pieces by master goldsmiths trained by Dinny herself. Dinny only uses genuine gemstones carefully chosen from responsible sources who we trust, together with the highest quality solid sterling silver, 10k, 14k and 18k gold. Dinny believes in crafting and engineering those metals, and in this respect, is a genuine artisan. Every aspect of a piece is taken into consideration, with particular attention paid to how the jewellery will feel and sit on the wearer.

Dinny Hall's Responsibility

We create high quality products, paying respect to the materials that go into making them. All Dinny Hall diamonds are sourced through suppliers that adhere to the Kimberley Process preventing the distribution of conflict diamonds, and are in compliance with United Nations resolutions. At Dinny Hall we are committed to responsible sourcing ensuring we achieve the highest ethical standards in human rights, labour rights, environmental impact and mining practices with the jewellery supply chain.