Sustainable Jewellery
at Dinny Hall

We’ve championed sustainable practice since day one. From using ethically sourced precious materials to exploring the cyclical nature of jewellery, we believe our designs have just as much power to do good, as look good.


Our jewellery is designed with sustainable materials in mind. From exclusively using real pearls (which require pollution-free environments) to re-crafting our best-selling designs in 100% recycled gold, the idea that our designs are made with longevity in mind lies at the heart of our practice.

Recycled Gold & Silver

We craft all our jewellery exclusively in precious & semi-precious metals: solid sterling 925 silver, never rolled, and solid gold from 9 to 18k – meaning our jewellery is made to last. Almost 100% of these are now recycled.


We believe in authenticity and transparency. Our Diamonds are Kimberly Process certified, while our gemstones are handpicked from trusted and reputable sources. This means we can trace nearly every stone to a country of origin, and sometimes even the specific mine.


We are dedicated to providing safe working conditions, at home and overseas. Our artisans receive personalised care & the support of a strong community, including help with childcare. Every year we visit our international team, constantly strengthening the relationships we’ve forged over the past 35 years.

Diversity &

We are committed to building a diverse and inclusive workplace, free from discrimination.

Philanthropy & Community Investment

In 2018, we launched our Suffragette collection in support of Women's Aid. Since then, we have helped launch a live-chat system, a life-saving tool through which women in need can safely communicate and discreetly ask for help. Closer to home, we work with local charities, schools, and initiatives as often as possible. As your local jeweller, the goals of your community have become goals of ours.


Our Jewellery is hand-mastered in our Notting Hill Atelier and then manufactured overseas where we work with long-standing & innovative jewellery workshops. Our key supplier is committed to recycling & filtering rainwater, harnessing solar power, and is now 100% Carbon-emission free.

We are also reducing the volume of single-use plastics used across our supply chain, and any plastics are re-used and recycled by our team. We are also devoted to testing our bio-degradable options.

Circular thinking

From re-modelling our customers’ treasured heirlooms to re-setting antique diamonds in our latest ring designs, we breathe new life into pre-loved treasures. By using only the finest materials and gemstones, we ensure our pieces are made to last – and made to be passed down from generation to generation. At Dinny Hall, we understand that a diamond’s greatest sparkle is in its memories.

What we are working on Next


We have vastly reduced our single-use plastic wastage by removing them from our every day gift boxes & carrier bags. Their materials now include recycled cardboard pulp and FSC certified paper. These are now 100% recycled and recyclable.

We have also designed our jewellery boxes so that any insert can be removed. The lid features a ‘padded top’, meaning they can be re-purposed as perfect mini trays to store your jewellery in – giving a second life to your Dinny Hall box.

Care for Life

Where possible, we believe in repairs over replacements. Dinny Hall customers are customers for life. We will always refurbish old designs where we can and are delighted to re-design and re-model an unworn heirloom into something new and wearable.