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Dinny Hall designs two collections for the National Portrait Gallery, London to celebrate the exhibition ‘Pre-Raphaelite Sisters’ which launched on October 17th 2019. The Exhibition highlights the untold story of female agency in the art movement and the significant roles women played.

One collection, Sunbeams is inspired by an otherworldly, ethereal presence felt across the entire exhibition. Rendered in 22k gold vermeil, each piece echoes the glorious use of gold across the surface of painted canvas and ever-ornate picture frames. The second collection, White Petals, is influenced by the recurring motif of white petals and blossom that appear throughout the movement. Together both collections celebrate nature and the transience of beauty in a truly contemporary take on this early bohemian movement.

Where symbolic nature was once the embellishment of the Pre-Raphaelite muse, today sculptural jewellery is the embellishment of the modern-day woman.

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25 Item(s)

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The exhibition runs from 17th October 2019- 26th January 2020, you can purchase your tickets to the exhibition here.