Iridescent Gemstones:

Rainbow Moonstones & Opals

Iridescent gemstones with their luminous play of ever-changing colours have mesmerised gemstone lovers since the beginning of time. For millennia, the mystical effect of moonstones and opals have intrigued and enticed us – read on to discover more about these fascinating marvels of the natural world.

What is Rainbow Moonstone?

Moonstone is named so for its moon-like milky, pearlescent quality. Part of the Feldspar group, the moonstone is composed of millions of micro mineral layers – their edges forming a feathering effect. When the stone is tilted, rays of light are caught between multiple planes to create a rainbow spectrum of luminous colours, causing a ‘cats eye’ effect.  

Moonstone enjoys great cultural significance with ancient roots, related to love, travel, healing, and faith.

What is Opal?

The mystical multicoloured glow of opals is caused by the refraction of light through tiny silica spheres trapped inside the stone. When light passes through, rays are refracted into a spectral of colours creating a multi-coloured luminosity that shines from the inside out.

Any association with ill omens in centuries gone by was due to a pure lack of understanding of how to care for these beautiful stones. These days we know a build-up of dirt or harsh chemicals over time can cause discoloration, which can easily be remedied by a gentle clean in soapy water. If you’re not convinced, these tales recommend a simple remedy – offset your opals with a diamond and they will do no harm. Whether you believe in superstition or not, it is our new favourite excuse to wear more diamonds – together they have a dazzling effect.

Looking after your Moonstones and Opals

We use stunning genuine Ethiopian opals but they really don’t like getting wet. To keep the beautiful 3-dimensional colouring of your opals we advise avoiding contact with water, moisturizers, and other types of liquids.

We also advise keeping your opals out of direct sunlight for long periods of time. Sunlight can cause some opals to discolour.

Both moonstones and opals are soft stones and need extra care and attention. We advise removing your pieces whilst doing strenuous activities, showering, swimming and applying creams. Any knocks to the stone can cause it to chip or scratch so treat your gemstones and opals like the special stone they are.