Here at Dinny Hall we are obsessed with precious gemstones, but truth be told: Sapphires are our favourites.

Each and every gemstone set in our jewellery is hand picked and examined by our master goldsmiths to ensure they are of the highest quality. Sapphires require more understanding than most as they are all unique, especially when it comes to creating covetable combinations in our best-selling Elyhara five stone rings.

Join us for a Sneak Peek at the process...


First, Dinny and Clare - our head goldsmith, search the treasure trove of London's wealth of gemstones, securely stored in vaults throughout the famed jewellery quarter, Hatton garden. Together they sift through hundreds of sparkling Sapphires for a mere few that might be right - a little like sieving for gold.


It's a labour of love to identify sapphires in both the perfect shape and size to fit the 18k gold Elyhara setting. It's then a matter of artistry in bringing those that do fit together to create beautiful ombre combinations.


The Stones are then handed over to Steve, our in-house Rockstar goldsmith who moonlights as a David Bowie tribute act, to work his magic, setting each sapphire delicately and securely into their cupping Georgian-style setting. The angle has to be just right, so they twinkle at you from all the facets; the claws pretty but holding strong - it's a delicate tension that requires years of experience to perfect.

Polished to a high shine, Our Elyhara rings are admired by the team (calling fantasy dibs on our favourites, of course) and photographed by our much-loved photographer Paola, before hitting the shop floor and your social media feed - though sometimes (too often) these showstoppers are snapped up by our customers before they even leave the Notting Hill workshop. Demand is high and we love that you love them just as much as we do.

Can't find a Sapphire Ring that's right for you? We love to make bespoke rings for our customers who are looking to treat themselves. From the subtle lemons, greens and blues of our sapphires to intense green emeralds - the Elyhara Five stone is a showstopper with a difference, and no combination is ever the same.

Elyhara 18k gold sapphire five stone ring