Dinny Hall

Positive Luxury's latest Brand to Trust

Dinny Hall has been awarded the Butterfly Mark by Positive Luxury.

Positive Luxury is the global organisation behind the Butterfly Mark, a unique mark awarded to luxury lifestyle brands in recognition of their commitment to creating a positive impact on our world.

The Mark recognises positive actions across governance, social and environmental frameworks, community investment and innovation.

At the end of 2020 we proudly received twelve 'Positive Actions' which mark twelve important areas of our responsible practice, with more in the pipeline so stay tuned!

From utilising recycled silver & gold and producing jewellery in a carbon-neutral factory, down to community investment and global philanthropy, these badges form the starting blocks for our big ambitions and continued to work towards our 17 sustainability goals.

Our Badges

Earning the butterfly mark is something we’re incredibly proud of. Positive Luxury’s guiding and nurturing teaching has meant that we’ve drilled deep down into our practices and will continue to do so to achieve better and better transparency, accountability and ecologically sound decision making.

Dinny Hall, Jan 2021

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