Ear Art

Designing the perfect ear to suit your look, mood, self and soul is a careful art. It’s a special negotiation between balance, weight, movement, form, gems, metals…the list goes on. At Dinny Hall we believe that few ears are meant for just one stud alone. Ears are an underappreciated canvas for self-expression, and when done ‘just so’ – they reflect the very essence of our
personal style.

We know it can be hard to know where to start, so here are some ideas to help you on your way.

Prepare your ears

To fully embrace ear art we recommend you complement your traditional lobe piercings with at least one more, on either side - it doesn't matter which, or indeed both. Start with one or two additional new piercings and then add more over time, with ear art it truly is a case of 'the more the merrier'.

Scale up

We recommend placing bigger earrings in your first lobe piercing then taper up in size, with the smallest in your highest piercing. Sticking to one metal colour creates a curated look with visual impact.

'I say always start with a Hoop or a drop earring the largest in your first earlobe piercing then you can play from there’

Dinny Hall

Tell a story

Ears can be a canvas for story-telling - with stars, suns, and little diamonds it's easy to create a celestial story. Pinpoint a central stylised theme & tell it through earrings.

Embrace Asymmetry

Don't be scared to break the rules, ear art often looks best when your ears mirror each other, but don't completely match. Try combining drops of different lengths to see how alternate earrings can work in unison across both ears. Most people like to create asymmetry by choosing an odd number of piercings across both ears too.

‘Styling your earrings with asymmetry is really great and personally I prefer a bit of what I call asymmetrical symmetry. In other words, pair some earrings and not others.

Dinny Hall

Add Colour

Add a splash of colour to your ear with gem-set mini hoops or studs and top with a discreet mini hoop.  Choose your colour palette well and it can serve you all year round. 
Pssst… Opt for multi-stone studs that creeps up the ear, they give the illusion you have more than one piercing. 

Consider Fine 

Think long-term, we anticipate this trend is here to stay. Investing in solid gold and precious gemstones means your looks will truly stand the test of time. The good news is that if the trend does quieten in coming years - you'll still have a selection of forever pieces that can be effectively worn alone.


Ear art is just that - an art form. For most, ear art is unexpected, the right side of rebellious, and can be dressed up in fine diamonds or statement vermeil depending on your mood and look. Play around with what's in your jewellery box, and pin point a few missing staples to finish your look. If in doubt, opt for a little Shuga Diamond stud, it's versatile across all looks.

Wise words from Dinny:

You have to be prepared to plan your earring curation and use your creativity. If you are brave and stylish enough to mix metals, be brave. Otherwise, particularly if you are trying out asymmetrical pairings stick to one metal colour. Be careful of overcrowding your jewellery, it’s not only hard to keep clean but means that you may not appreciate each earring design.'

Dinny Hall