Created Diamonds

and 100% Recycled Gold

Learn more about our latest collection set with laboratory-created diamonds.

This unique collection is a first for us at Dinny Hall so here we explain what makes these pieces so special.

Created Diamonds

Created diamonds are laboratory grown using technology that simulates the conditions in which natural diamonds are formed. They are pure carbon, so technically they are real diamonds but geologically and in essence natural diamonds are very different indeed. ​

So why do we love created diamonds?​

Because they are beautiful and durable, twinkly and mesmerising just like natural diamonds and also bring a whole lot of joy with wearing. Still precious, still lasting a lifetime the difference is we can give ourselves the gift of a created diamond.​

Layer, stack and wear all day and every day.

Recycled Gold - 9k

The pale hue of our 9k gold is the perfect setting for our lab-created diamond offering affordable luxury and everlasting style.

We place trust in our goldsmiths at our carbon neutral factory in Thailand who skilfully make our 9k yellow gold is 37.5% gold and 62.5% alloys - silver, copper & zinc. 

Natural Diamonds

Natural diamonds were formed billions of years ago from reservoirs of carbon, under extreme pressure when the Earth was primordial. Before the first fern and eons before dinosaurs roamed the earth.

This journey through time cannot be replicated by laboratory grown diamonds, lovely to look at though they are.

Miraculously natural diamonds actually contain trace elements of the atmosphere from billions of years ago. So I believe that you can only say ‘I love you ’ and ‘forever’ with a natural diamond that has taken that unique geological journey through time and space.